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Ricta Wheels

Ricta Wheels Brevard Speedrings White Wide 54mm 101a

Ricta Wheels Brevard Speedrings White Wide 54mm 101a

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Ricta Wheel Dynamics 54mm Samarria Brevard Pro Speedrings Wide 101a with metallic pad printed lunar graphic and signature logo pattern on riding surface.

Ricta Speedrings ride like a traditional wheel with the speed and reduced rolling resistance of a cored wheel. The unique core design puts urethane around the bearing like a non-cored wheel and the inner core design helps minimize squish out when landing tricks for smoother rollaways.

Ricta's Wide shape features a hard edge and inner conical for consistent lock-in with wide riding surface for predictable smooth slides.

All Ricta skateboard wheels are sold as sets of 4.

Wheel Diameter (Millimeters)54
Wheel Durometer/Hardness101a
Road Surface (Millimeters)
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