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Stig "Coastin Islander Style" Long Sleeve Tee

Stig "Coastin Islander Style" Long Sleeve Tee

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One thing about living on the Coast, we LOVE to enjoy fall Festivals and old cars!

The BEST VIEW IN TOWN is a classic design with CLASSIC cars we know you'll love.

About the Artist: Inspired by Walter Anderson, Artist Stig Marcussen gives people what they want to see — everyday life in a different way.  “My family moved to Ocean Springs the day after Walter Anderson died,” he says. “I was five years old and saw his blue crab. It said more about a blue crab than seeing the real thing. Every time I draw a crab, every part is studied and when I am done, I know that crab. The claw feels like a claw holding weight and existing in space.” 

“I paint from the real thing, but I paint the idea of the thing,” he says.  “I watch for the moment that is most picturesque and I will draw something 20 times until I find one that works. I will spend three hours drawing an oak tree, figuring out how it exists, and making rational decisions about it. I am humbled by trying to draw it.”

We're beyond honored to have Stig create art just for us!

Comfort colors 

100% cotton 

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