Stig Islander Shrimp Boat Long Sleeve Tee

Stig Islander Shrimp Boat Long Sleeve Tee

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When you're hoping for a little Stig Marcussen Art, our Islander Outfitters~long sleeve Comfort Color tee with shrimp boat & pelican Hits the mark!!

Stig is a painter based in Ocean Springs, Mississippi who claims he “isn’t a people person”, but will spend hours speaking to anyone about ancient Greek history and sharing innumerous amounts of stories that make up the interesting life he’s lead. He’s a pessimistic optimist, a windsurfer, painter and father of two boys: Fin (13) and Reef (11). He doesn’t like publicity, interviews or even discussing art and if you saw him in the world without a pencil or paintbrush in his hand, you’d never suspect he was capable of producing art at all.

Stig was born on a US Air Force base in Germany to Danish parents and moved to Ocean Springs December 1, 1965 - the day after the famous Walter Inglis Anderson passed away. From a very early age he noticed that if he drew something from life he could understand the mechanics and the reality of that object entirely. By 10 years old he was spending the majority of his time outside studying the environment around him and drawing everything that interested him. 48 years later you can still find him doing the same thing every single day. He paints on site and is not bothered by the three plagues of the south: gnats, heat, and humidity.

Above all, he’s a realist.

He also claims to be “obscenely prolific.”