Family Beach Day Fun

Family Beach Day Fun

Let Islander Outfitters help you and your family enjoy a good ole, traditional, fun filled, family beach day by providing everything you need to make life long memories! Islander Outfitters will provide a "marine educator" and all of the beach supplies in order to lead your kids and family through fun and educational games and activities. Kids and Families will be engaged with building sand castles, scoop-netting for crabs, beach-combing for shells, throwing Frisbees, beach soccer, cast-netting for marine species of fish and invertebrates, and much more..!!

Islander Outfitters can accommodate small families and groups or large groups, teams, and parties for just a couple of hours or up to a full day of fun!

Family Beach Day Fun offered Monday- Sunday
(Call or Email to schedule Beach Day Time)

Family Beach Day Fun Pricing

Family/Group Size: 1- 4 people, $20.00/hour (minimum 2 hrs.)
                                                    each additional hour $10,00 / hr.

Family/Group Size: 5 - 10 people, $30.00/hour (minimum 2 hrs.)
                                                       each additional hour $10.00 / hr.

Family/Group Size: 11 - 15 people, $40.00/hour (minimum 2 hrs.)
                                                          each additional hour $10.00 / hr.

Family/Group Size: 16 and Larger, Please Call or Email for Large Group Discount

Supplies Included with Price:                Supplies Available to Rent:
Beach Buckets & Shovels                     Beach Chairs & Umbrella
Scoop Nets                                            EZ UP/Pop UP Tent
Frisbees                                                 Skim Boards                                     
Cast Net                                                 Binoculars
Seine Net                                                *Ask About Snacks/Catered Lunch*